Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tsujiri UK

Who doesn't like matcha? 

I guess it's one of those food where you either love it or hate it, right? A few people have said it tasted like wet grass, taste funny, too powdery etc etc,  but for me it's completely heavenly lush! *Can't find any other words to describe this!*

I've recently discovered that Starbucks also introduced Matcha Latte onto their menu, another reason for me to start shifting from Pret a manger! Anyway, I've made another discovery that a Japanese cafe just recently came into town. The heart of London Soho - Tsujiri. 

Their desserts was killing it on instagram for the past few months, I thought I might give it a go before I started to feel like I am being left behind of not trying the 'IT' dessert. For £4.95 you get a pot ( well worth it) filled with....I assumed could be rice cakes at the bottom, smothered in chocolate and topped with matcha ice cream and a mochi. Not sure what the other brown stuff is, though. 

If you're not a matcha fan, there really is no point going here as every other items on their menu are matcha! And for you new matcha newbies out there, it's well worth a  try. My nephew who thought he hated green tea/ matcha items, said he wouldn't try it, so I asked him to try again and he absolutely love it. Definitely coming back here again. 

I thoroughly enjoyed  making food illustrations, so you may see some more post like this. I hope you can taste some matcha ice cream by looking at these images. :D

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