Friday, 28 October 2016

DIY - Halloween Cake Toppers


I don't normally celebrate Halloween Day, however I think it's great fun to bring all the ghouls and friends together partying and feasting the night away!

I thought I might do a couple of some paper craft for Halloween day for all the parent's out there on the budget!

Video will be up very soon, so for now enjoy the below pictures.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tsujiri UK

Who doesn't like matcha? 

I guess it's one of those food where you either love it or hate it, right? A few people have said it tasted like wet grass, taste funny, too powdery etc etc,  but for me it's completely heavenly lush! *Can't find any other words to describe this!*

I've recently discovered that Starbucks also introduced Matcha Latte onto their menu, another reason for me to start shifting from Pret a manger! Anyway, I've made another discovery that a Japanese cafe just recently came into town. The heart of London Soho - Tsujiri. 

Their desserts was killing it on instagram for the past few months, I thought I might give it a go before I started to feel like I am being left behind of not trying the 'IT' dessert. For £4.95 you get a pot ( well worth it) filled with....I assumed could be rice cakes at the bottom, smothered in chocolate and topped with matcha ice cream and a mochi. Not sure what the other brown stuff is, though. 

If you're not a matcha fan, there really is no point going here as every other items on their menu are matcha! And for you new matcha newbies out there, it's well worth a  try. My nephew who thought he hated green tea/ matcha items, said he wouldn't try it, so I asked him to try again and he absolutely love it. Definitely coming back here again. 

I thoroughly enjoyed  making food illustrations, so you may see some more post like this. I hope you can taste some matcha ice cream by looking at these images. :D

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Doodledollyx's photo got featured!

I usually like reading and flipping through the crafty magazines rather than searching online to look for inspirations. I know that there are millions of inspirations out there, especially with social media in this day in age, you have Youtube, Blog sphere world, Instagram at our expense, you're pretty much within arms reach away from learning a whole bunch of new stuff online.

I have purchased a number of craft magazines in the past from Paper craft, Cardmaking & Papercraft and Quick cards, however I usually find that these are purely for card making and nothing new. I was looking for something more. Something different and new. NEW IDEAS.

My adventure was over until I stumbled across doccrafts creativity magazine and I can honestly say it's completely packed full of god send inspirations ranging from card making, knitting, painting, art journals, gift ideas, home decor, soft craft and many more!

I loved their magazine so much that I ended up following their tutorials and have frequently been trying perfect it as much as I can by uploading some of my takes on instagram and their site. This is definitely one of my crafty bible and I highly recommend this to anyone who are short on ideas, you won't be disappointed and for £5.99 is money worth spent!

My recent take on docraft Creativity magazine...

Shaker card using Mr Smith Workshop Paper 

Trick in the Trade Wreath making